We make digital connections between your business and customers by combining design, technology and creative ideas into an amazing website

We are aware that creating client-oriented websites takes a mixture of technical excellence and clear communication, lashmire hires only the very best to ensure you receive both.

Powerful Website Essentials —

Every Project Includes

We have a core focus in design, accessibility, speed and security. To achieve that effectively we have bundled together our favourite solutions that now come as standard with each project we work on. Our team also ensure projects are built using the latest technologies paired with our strict in-house guidelines to produce a high quality result that your business deserves.

All sites go through 2 rounds of design revisions. Our in-house designer will produce the first design based on our initial discovery chat and research session, the design is then sent to you for comments. We will repeat this process again until the website has a design that you are happy with, at which point development will begin.

Once your design is complete our team will develop a functioning website.

We will build your website using the WordPress content management system (CMS). WordPress is used by more than a million brands around the world, and is known for its ease of use, security, and scalability. An alternative CMS can be used upon request if needed.

Have access to a global Content Delivery Network that ensures the fastest loading speed for your websites to its visitors from different parts of the world. 

Each website we develop is also entitled to 6 months free unlimited hosting. 

Certain laws may require website owners to inform their visitors of cookies placed by their website and to receive visitors’ affirmative consent to use certain types of cookies, for example non-essential cookies. We make it easy to comply to these regulations. 

Search Engine Optimisation is a key requirement when developing a website for any business. Our team keeps that in the forefront of their minds whilst developing each page and section to ensure an easily indexable site across all search engines – Connecting your business to your customers.

All domains connected to your site are automatically protected with free SSL certificates to improve security. SSL secures connections and prevents hackers from impersonating you or stealing visitors’ information.

Once your website is live we can provide dedicated development support for 1 month. Afterwards we will be on standby to fix any errors or downtimes that might happen for up to 1 full year. 

Further website coverage can be purchased at anytime, see our website care plans.

All prices are excl VAT —

Our Price Sheet

Every project is unique. It is hard to estimate work without knowing it’s details, but we are able to provide an estimate based on our previous projects and experience.

A Landing Page

For a 1 page designed and developed website

from £950

A Small Sized Website

2 to 5 designed designed and developed pages

from £1750

A Medium Sized Website

6 to 10 designed designed and developed pages

from £2450

Simple eCommerce

A small online shop with up to 5 products

from £3450

Advanced eCommerce

An online shop with 100+ products

from £4850

Complex solutions

Any scale or business project

bespoke pricing

Additional Options —

Website Extras & Upgrades

We also offer additional service options for our clients. Website upgrades include things like new page designs, custom development for new features, API integrations, changes to payment systems, forms and content integrations.

Aftercare Support —

Website Hosting & Management

Once your website has been developed we offer top tier support. We to tighten up security, make backups, run daily maintenance, boost your website's loading speed and deliver regular detailed reports that allow you to keep an eye on what's happening behind the scenes.

Support Glossary —

Further Information

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