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Care Plans

Fast, reliable and secure tech support

Our care dashboard automatically scans your website constantly for issues so when there is an issue you are alerted by us, rather than the other way around. Our support team work around the clock, everyday of the week in order to guarantee that any problems that do arise are swiftly dealt with.

Host & Detect

70 / month

The essentials pack to detect website issues with managed web hosting.
Website edits are additional
  • Dedicated Hosting Included
    • Daily Backups
    • Rock Solid Security
    • 24/7 Uptime Monitoring
    • Monthly report with detected issues

  Cancel anytime on all of our plans


200 / month

Everything from the first plan plus bundled support and website edits.
5 x 30 mins website edits
  • Dedicated Hosting Included
    • Daily Backups
    • Rock Solid Security
    • 24/7 Uptime Monitoring
    • Weekly report with detected issues
      • Expert Speed & SEO Review
        • Bundled Support
        • 2 day turnaround for edits


550 / month

For sites that need regular changes and the absolute best in hands-on care everyday.
Unlimited website edits
  • Dedicated Hosting Included
    • Daily Backups
    • Rock Solid Security
    • 24/7 Uptime Monitoring
    • Daily report with detected issues
      • Expert Speed & SEO Review
        • Account Manager
        • Bundled Support
        • 1 day turnaround for edits


This depends on the number of website edits and changes you think you’ll need to make each month.

If you don’t need to make changes anything regularly then the Host & Detect plan will be best for you.

If you think there will be a few changes each month then the Support plan will be the best fit because it has support time bundled in (5 x 30 min of support requests). Note that this plan is required for all websites with Ecommerce and shopping capabilities.

If your site needs dozens of changes, updates and a professional web guy on call 24/7, the VIP plan is best for you.
Simple really, when you need to change something on your website, just email it through and we get it done for you. Turn-around time is usually much less than 24 hours and often gets done same-day.

Support Requests are limited to 30 mins. If you need additional support requests beyond that, you can purchase additional 30 min Support Request blocks at £20 per 30min Request
We can make content updates, theme or stylesheet adjustments, install new plugins, configure forms and much more. From styling tweaks to general website issues, we’ll take care of almost anything that can be done within 30 minutes on your website.

If you’re unsure if something’s included, just ask!
Simply choose a plan from above and complete the checkout process. You’ll be able to submit your first task request immediately. As you’ll see after signup, please send it over to us via the support form and the team and I will get right onto it.

Included with all of our plans


Our hosting gives you dedicated memory, CPU, and SSD storage that is independent of any other sites.


Hackers, brute forcers, and malicious bots are no match for our security shields and cloaking technology.


Your website’s speed matters. Get improved website performance, automated reporting and much more.


We give you everything you need for fast, powerful SEO. Start ranking higher with industry-leading features.


Take advantage of our automated site backups, which are stored remotely where you can access, manage, and restore them.

Uptime & Analytics

Monitor your server response time and be notified whenever your site is down or too slow for your visitors.

Fast, reliable and secure support

Get your business to the next level with lashmire

Let our experienced developers configure and manage your website. Our cloud platform offers powerful dedicated resources and is optimized for efficiency and speed that guarantees top performance of your site.